Andy Billman is an award-winning (two-time Emmy winner, Peabody Award, and NAACP winner) producer who has a passion for sports and storytelling. Billman started at ESPN back in July of 2002, and he has worked on SportsCenter, The ESPYs, Playmakers, Tilt, and Dream Job. Since 30 for 30’s inception in 2009, he has been with the group working as a producer and director of documentaries for ESPN Films. He has worked on “The Two Escobars”, “Winning Time”, “Youngstown Boys” “Playing for the Mob” and “Bad Boys”. Additionally, he’s produced other ESPN Films projects such as “The Announcement”, “Unguarded” and “The Book of Manning”. Finally, Billman has directed two documentaries under the ESPN Films flagship including the 30 for 30 film Believeland.


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Jarid Watson is a former U.S. Air Force broadcast journalist who spent his early military career as a radio deejay, news anchor, and field reporter for the American Forces Network, serving in Korea, Italy, and Afghanistan. In 2010, Jarid was selected for the military’s Advanced Motion Media course at the prestigious S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Jarid later served as the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds videographer and documentarian. It was that assignment that landed him the Air Combat Command’s Broadcast Journalist of the Year award. In 2017, Jarid left the Air Force and went on to become an instructor at the military’s Defense Information School at Fort Meade, MD, where he taught military members shooting, editing, and storytelling techniques.